Section 2.2: Lesson Plans

Find Your Preservation Story – Lesson Plans

Why do Old Buildings Matter (Word docx format) – This lesson is intended to help students understand the role of architecture, preservation, and place in society and culture.  A second objective includes building an understanding of the the role of preservationists, architects, and property owners in preserving old buildings in order to promote change or the status quo.

How Do I Research an Old Building (Word docx format) – Through online research, discussion, and story collecting, this lesson is intended to help students define the relationships between historical patterns, people, and time frames.  Students may explore how systems of power, authority, and governance are enacted and recorded in the architecture and maintenance of old buildings.

How Do I Read a Building (Word docx format) – Students will understand the history of buildings and place through literacy skills to support cognitively-complex levels of thinking.

This project was supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program.