Board of Directors

Preservation Iowa’s Board of Directors works tirelessly with the Executive Director to build Iowa’s premier statewide nonprofit preservation organization and to preserve Iowa’s historic resources. The Board is elected at the December annual meeting and members serve a three-year term. ┬áIf you are a historic preservation advocate interested in joining the Board of Directors or participating on committee, please contact us at

2018 Board of Directors 2018 Board Advisors
Josh Moe (President)

Laura Carstens (Vice President)

Laura Sadowsky (Secretary)

Bruce Perry (Co-Treasurer)

Duane Hagerty (Co-Treasurer)

Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock

William Sherman

Steve Wilke-Shapiro

Andrew Lorentzen

Caleb Giesel

Tina Rhodes

Jim Davies

Maia Fiala Jessen

Sheriffa Jones

Steve King

Kevin Kuckelman

Ed Matt

Paula Mohr

Leigh Ann Randak


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