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Section 3: 101 Ideas for Preservation Education

Finding Your Preservation Story – Engaging Ideas Incorporate these ideas into your classroom, home, and daily life to encourage a lifelong love of historic preservation. Visit a local archive or history center by scheduling a class field trip. Ask librarians the best way to get started with research and ask them to share their favorite… Read more »

Section 2.2: Lesson Plans

Find Your Preservation Story – Lesson Plans Why do Old Buildings Matter (Word docx format) – This lesson is intended to help students understand the role of architecture, preservation, and place in society and culture.  A second objective includes building an understanding of the the role of preservationists, architects, and property owners in preserving old buildings in… Read more »

Section 2.1: Learning Objectives

Find Your Preservation Story – Essential Concepts and/or Skills The following Learning Objectives are based on the Iowa Core Curriculum Standards for History and Literacy Education. Understand the relationships between historical patterns, people, and time frames. Understand similarities and differences between architectural styles in relation to varying time periods. Understand historical actions and events that posed… Read more »

Section 1: Preservation Curriculum for Teachers

Find Your Preservation Story – Welcome! We’re delighted you want to bring the stories of Iowa’s historic buildings into your classroom.  To get you started we want to provide you with as many helpful, exciting educational resources as possible. In this packet, you’ll find: Guided lesson plans and literature recommendations for learning Activity ideas for… Read more »