Section 5.2: People in Preservation

Find Your Preservation Story – Who can I talk to if I need information as I begin my preservation project?

For many preservation questions, especially those related to Iowa History Day (National History Day), archaeological sites, listing on the National Register of Historic Places, tax credits for preservation projects, and use of State of Iowa museums archives for research, the staff at the State Historical Society, the State Historical Museum of Iowa, and the State Preservation office will be helpful resources. You can find contact information for these individuals on the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Website at

For questions about these educational resources or about getting involved in preservation activities in Iowa, visit the Preservation Iowa website at and explore the reources. You can contact PI Board Members through the site and find a list of those currently serving on the Board or as Board Advisors at

For other assistance with a preservation project, the people listed in the Preservation Iowa Consultant/Contractor Directory, with combined decades of experience, may be able to help you:  This is a starting place for preservation projects and restoration work.

This project was supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program.