Section 4.5: Letters to Parents and Admins

Find Your Preservation Story – Communicating to Parents and Administrators

The following letters may be distributed to parents, principals, and administrators as you plan your Historic Preservation curriculum.

Letter to Principals and Admin (Download PDF)

Thank you for your interest and support of our historic preservation curriculum. We’re delighted you want your students to learn the stories of historic Iowa homes and buildings by enriching your curriculum with the educational series we’ve designed.

We realize that you may be less familiar with the subject of historic preservation than a more commonplace social studies curriculum, such as civics, politics, and historical time periods. We hope then you’ll take some time to peruse the educational resources, materials, and lesson plans available to your teachers through our education and outreach initiative…

Template Intro Letter to Parents (Word docx format)

This week in class, our students will be introduced to an exciting new subject of study, historic preservation. Although less familiar than other more common social studies curricula, such as civics, politics, and historical eras, historic preservation starts with the study of old, historically significant buildings that give insight into how a community or culture develops, why a community or culture was the way it was or why it is the way it is now. In so many ways, buildings are overlooked, treated as a background props instead of the historic and telling artifacts they truly are…

This project was supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program.