Timber Frame Apprenticeship Seeks Historic Projects

Posted on February 20th, 2011 9:42 am

The Timber Framers Guild, a 501c3 educational association, is proud to announce the recent registration and implementation of a U.S. Department of Labor certified Apprenticeship Program. This is the result of investment by the general membership, staff time, and many volunteer hours over more than five years. This program reflects the will of the membership and the mission statement of the Timber Framers Guild. The Guild seeks project-based educational opportunities for Journeyworkers, Apprentices, Members and the Public as a means to deliver professional training in a workplace setting. They are seeking historic projects for the apprenticeship program.

Timber framing is a multi-disciplinary carpentry trade and its many aspects will be taught as part of our apprenticeship program. One segment of this broad-based education covers both our living timber framed architectural heritage, and necessary preservation methodologies. As preservation challenges emerge, the Guild is preparing a corps of trained and experienced timber frame preservation professionals.

The Guild has among its membership many preservation specialists, representing niche disciplines: mills, steeples, covered bridges, and the study, documentation and restoration of our many regional house and barn typologies. These people have willingly shared their knowledge and unique skill sets with others in the membership and some have authored monographs published by the Guild. Many of these same people have contributed to the Guild’s curricula, and will continue to refine this foundation of our apprenticeship program for use in the continued training of coming generations of timber framers.

For more information on the Program: http://www.TFGuild.org, info@tfguild.org/, PO Box 295, 9 Mechanic St., Alstead, NH 03602-0295.
To find out more, go to: www.tfguild.org