Students tour historic buildings in Osceola

Clarke Area Arts Council sponsored week-long visit as an “Artist in the School”

Posted by mw on May 21st, 2010 8:35 am

Molly Naumann, an Iowa architectural historian, and the Clarke Area Arts Council have taken architectural history and local historic preservation to the kids. The CAAC sponsored Naumann’s weeklong visit as an “Artist in the School”.

A main thrust for Naumann’s activities were to expose the school kids to the architectural and history that surround them in Osceola. Some of that architectural history is the large houses but she also discussed the architectural significance of smaller houses, carriage houses downtown buildings and individual architectural elements.

“Everyone needs to appreciate their heritage,” she said. “When you read history, it’s often dry. Architecture is history that we live in. History comes alive when they go past a house and they know who built it and when.”

This program is a wonderful example of integrating the next generation of preservationists!

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