Site near Oakville levee is rare historical find

American Indian ‘ring’ village dates back to 300-400 A.D.

Posted by mw on February 19th, 2009 4:59 pm

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers archaeologists have discovered what they call the Oak Village, a site found near the Oakville levee along the Iowa River said to be one of only three known “ring” midden American Indian villages associated with the Weaver artifact assemblage. It also is only the second known to exist west of the Mississippi River.

The Corps halted the levee construction in November, shortly after artifacts were discovered in the site where the levee was to be realigned.

Since the new permanent levee will be set back from the original levee alignment, federal law requires the Corps make a cultural assessment of the site as an environmental study. It was during the cultural assessment officials found the site within the levee.

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