Preservation Iowa Announces 2019 Most Endangered Properties


CONTACT: Leigh Ann Randak, Preservation Iowa Most Endangered Property Program Chair at or 319-337-9581


Preservation Iowa Most Endangered 2019: Marshalltown Historic District

Preservation Iowa has designated 7 properties across Iowa for 2019 Most Endangered Designations. Here are the 2019 Most Endangered Properties:

Preservation Iowa’s Most Endangered Property program was started in 1995 and was implemented to educate Iowans about the special buildings and historic sites that are slowly and gradually slipping away from us. In the past 20+ years, Preservation Iowa has designated over 150 homes, churches, archeological sites, landscapes, commercial buildings and a variety of other properties.

The Most Endangered Properties program helps to bring to the public’s attention the risks to a designated historic property and introduces owners of an endangered property to preservation advocacy and resources that can help preserve their historic property. Additionally, there have been interest groups who have been able to use the designation as a mechanism to leverage other financial resources to restore and preserve properties. For more information about the Most Endangered Program, check out Preservation Iowa’s website at or contact Preservation Iowa at

This press release includes additional information on each of the designated properties.

Preservation Iowa Most Endangered Properties Press Release 2019