IJOBS Funds to Support Siouxland Historic District

Posted by mw on March 9th, 2010 8:19 am

IJobs is a 830 million dollar statewide infrastructure investment designed to improve Iowa community’s and strengthen the economy while creating thousands of jobs.

IJobs is funded by Iowa’s gambling revenue, meaning there is no increase in taxes.

Woodbury County is expected to receive 18 million dollars of this money, where 8 million of it will be used to improve Sioux City sewers.

The other ten million, will go to disaster recovery, transportation, rebuilding of universities and other public improvement projects.

“IJobs can come in and offer that one little extra piece that will make the project go and when we do that we’ll leave some lasting improvements in the infrastructure” says Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge.

Another project that IJobs supports is the Milwaukee Railroad Shops Historic District.

Two new facilities will promote education and the engineering of the locomotive.

“It’s going to help us higher the professional contractors that we need to do the historic preservation work on the machine shop building and to build the new exhibit center” quotes Larry Obermeyer, from the Siouxland Historical Railroad Association.

I asked the Lieutenant Governor about what impact the IJobs money will have on the closing of the John Morrell plant in Sioux City.

She told me, it’s not a complete solution to the problem but it’s a start.

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