Help Preservation Iowa Save America’s Treasures

National Trust Campaign to Restore Funding Underway

Posted by CC on April 3rd, 2010 11:28 am

As currently proposed, the federal budget plans to eliminate funding for two critical preservation programs: Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America. It also plans to cut funding to National Heritage Areas. Iowa’s historic resources have benefitted greatly from each of these programs and we need your help to convince Iowa’s representatives and senators in D.C. to maintain and fund all three programs.

How can you help? All you need to do is take a photo. Find out more on our Take Action! page.

Not sure what to include in your photo? Here are some Iowa properties that have benefitted from the programs throughout the years.

Iowa’s Save America’s Treasures grants
– Salisbury House, Des Moines, 2009
– City National Bank Building, Mason City, 2008
– Dubuque County Jail, Dubuque, 2007
– 1896 Kimball Pipe Organ, Clermont, 2007
– Old Capitol Museum, Iowa City, 2006
– Terrace Hill, Des Moines, 2006
– Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, 2005
– Karl L. King Band Shell, Fort Dodge, 2004
– Steamboat William M. Black, Dubuque, 2004
– Dubuque Shot Tower, Dubuque, 2004
– Amana Mill Race, Amana, 2004
– Des Moines Library, Des Moines, 2003
– Grand Opera House, Dubuque, 2003
– Englert Theatre, Iowa City, 2002
– Iowa Battle Flag Collection, Des Moines, 2002
– Van Allen and Son Department Store, Clinton, 2001
– Park Inn Hotel, Mason City, 2001
– Woodbury County Courthouse, Sioux City, 2000

Iowa’s Preserve America Communities
– Adams County
– Coon Rapids
– Davenport
– Dubuque
– Fort Madison
– Hardin County
– Mason City
– Oskaloosa
– Sioux City
– Waterloo

Iowa’s Preserve America Grants
– Dubuque on the Mississippi: The Dubuque History Trail, Dubuque, Iowa
– Mines of Spain Exhibit and Education Program, Dubuque, Iowa
– Santa Fe Passenger and Freight Complex Re-use and Restoration Planning, Fort Madison, Iowa
– Hollywood in the Heartland, Iowa State Historic Preservation Office
– Junior Main Street Program, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Iowa’s National Heritage Area
Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area preserves and tells the story of American agriculture and its global significance through partnerships and activities that celebrate the land, people, and communities of the area. Encompassing a 37-county region in northeast Iowa, Silos and Smokestacks serves as a critical network for historic sites, attractions, and communities.
To find out more, go to:

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