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Ambrose Hall

2015 Preservation at its Best, Public Structure: Ambrose Hall Ambrose Hall was originally built in 1885-1887 as the principal building of St. Ambrose Seminary. As St. Ambrose grew, the seminary added multiple additions between 1893 and 1912. The original building—as well as its many additions— where designed in the “Second Empire” Style. Part of the… Read more »

Manning Downtown Revitalization

2015 Preservation at its Best, Community Effort: Manning Downtown Revitalization Manning has an exceptional story because of the speed that they worked, the number of storefronts they were able to improve AND their ability to effectively navigate multiple preservation programs. The city established a Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) in 2008 and became a Main Street… Read more »

Union Block Building

2015 Preservation at its Best, Commercial Large: Union Block Building Built in 1861, the Union Block is a landmark structure on the Square in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Union Block is a three story, 15,000 sf, building built in the Italianate architectural style with handsome arched windows, large brackets and front facing gable roof. Its character… Read more »

Bowery Street Grocery Store

2015 Preservation at its Best, Commercial Small: Bowery Street Grocery Store 518 Bowery Street is a tiny building: Measuring 18’ wide by 40’ deep it is the archetypical example of a small storefront built in 19th century Iowa. Simple in construction, small in scale, utilitarian in function, the building is a surviving example of a… Read more »

Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum

2015 Preservation at its Best, Adaptive Use: Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum Clarinda’s 1909 Carnegie Library was one of about (2500) libraries in the country funded by the Carnegie Foundation’s library program. The library—like so many in small Iowa towns—is locally significant for its educational, social and cultural contributions to the community. The classical revival style… Read more »

Des Moines “Most Endangered” Buildings

The Des Moines Rehabbers Club has resurrected its annual “Most Endangered Buildings” list.  Focused on highlighting significant Des Moines buildings in danger of demolition or neglect, this year’s list includes gathering places for the community, centers of entertainment, family homes that have housed important figures… these places matter. And some of them are in danger…. Read more »