Two Historic Buildings in Des Moines Headed to New Homes

Murillo Apartments and Henshie-Briggs Row House Ready to Roll

Posted by CC on February 23rd, 2008 12:21 pm

On January 17th, we told you how the Henshie-Briggs Row House was saved from demolition. It and the historic Murillo Apartments are now ready to be moved to new locations in the Sherman Hill neighborhood. The Des Moines Register reports that the buildings are up on blocks and waiting for better weather before they move to their new homes. The Sherman Hill Neighborhood Association, Rob McCammon, and Phil Kaser are behind the two moves, which are being orchestrated by Mike Kinter, a contractor with quite a bit of experience with historic buildings. Kinter hired Jeremy Patterson of Washington, Iowa, to move the Murillo Apartments and O’Neil, a house-moving company from North Dakota, to move the row house. The row house move has been delayed a few times due to cold. The Murillo move is planned for March 1, 2008. Both buildings must be moved by March to make way for Wellmark’s new headquarters.

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