New Redevelopment Group in Keokuk

Keokuk Downtown Properties, LLC., assists in Keokuk preservation

Posted by CC on June 9th, 2010 4:23 pm

A new offshoot of Main Street Keokuk will assist the private sector in redeveloping historic buildings. According to the Keokuk Daily Gate, the goals of Keokuk Downtown Properties include “having a positive impact on the face of the downtown, doing everything correctly, creating a user friendly guidebook, making sure uses are found for the building from top to bottom, selecting historically significant vacant or underutilized buildings and making sure the right funding sources are pursued to make the project become a reality.”

Funding sources for preservation that are already being used in Keokuk are Main Street Challenge Grants, I-Jobs funding, Community Development Block Grants, private investors, historic preservation tax credits, and community foundations.

The group sees potential in the 100-year-old buildings throughout the community. With the right investment, the buildings could become economically productive again.
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