Announcing the First Comprehensive Window Restoration, Repair and Weatherization Standards

Posted on August 12th, 2013 12:35 pm

The national Window Preservation Standards Collaborative (WPSC) is delighted to announce that for the first time ever in North America a book has been published by the WPSC establishing best practices for the preservation, repair, restoration and weatherization of old and historic wooden windows. Well over 150 preservation and energy efficiency professionals collaborated over 2 years to produce this book called the “Window Preservation Standards”.

The Window Preservation Standards establishes the best practices for window preservation as well as providing, in one document, all the best testing that proves that old and historic wooden windows can be made as or more energy efficient than a disposable replacement window.

The WPSC has developed, written and published this book. The WPSC was founded by David Gibney, Duffy Hoffman, Jim Turner, John Leeke and Bob Yapp. The WPSC has grown to be a group of 150 window preservation trades people, contractors, architects, energy efficiency experts, planners, building owners, educators and homeowners. These technical standards were written by practicing trades people with the help of 40 advisers and more than 100 stakeholders.

The Standards are for use by anyone involved with saving historic buildings and windows: architects, State historic preservation offices, window specialists, trades people, contractors, building owners, businesses, preservation specifiers, educators, preservation commissions and homeowners.

Use the Standards as a way to make the case for saving old and historic windows. Use the Standards to insist on best practices with contractors performing window repair and restoration work. Use the Standards when working on your windows. Use the Standards as the best practices for contractors weatherizing old and historic windows. Use the Standards to insist on best practices that meet or exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Preservation, Restoration or Rehabilitation.

The Window Preservation Standards include a catalog of methods that are currently in use on projects all around the country. Topics include glazing, painting, wood repairs, energy updates, storm windows and maintenance. Each treatment standard has a brief description with appropriate use, a step-by-step procedure shows what is done, and materials are listed. A special section describes how to judge the quality of the completed work with easy observations and simple tests to assure the best quality work.

The results of energy performance testing done at the 2011 National Window Preservation Summit are included. The scientific results demonstrate that saving the primary window sashes, adding weather stripping and a storm window make double hung windows meet or exceed current performance standards for air infiltration. Energy testing data done by many other organizations is also included. Get all the details in the book, including which weatherization methods work best.

When you buy the Window Preservation Standards book you are supporting the cost of developing and publishing the Standards. Future additions and books will include, updates, steel casement windows and additional energy testing. Development and publication of the book is a non-profit project done in partnership with the Preservation Kentucky, Inc. with additional support from the Preservation Trades Network.

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