Three Linn County Historical Societies Honored for Preservation Efforts

Posted on May 9th, 2013 4:11 pm

LINN COUNTY, IA – May 9, 2013 – In celebration of May as National Historic Preservation Month, the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission recognized three Linn County historical societies for their long-standing and devoted efforts to preserve iconic buildings in their communities that help tell the stories and preserve the history of their towns. The three volunteer-driven organizations received award certificates at the Preservation Showcase on May 4, hosted by the Cedar Rapids Historic Preservation Commission.

“We wanted to publicly recognize the work these organizations have done over many years to preserve the historic buildings that make their communities unique,” said Peter Jaynes, chairman of the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission. “What makes their work even more impressive is that these buildings have been preserved by the dedication and leadership of volunteers who live in these towns and want to ensure these historic buildings continue to be centerpieces of their towns. We are truly appreciative of their efforts and felt they deserved recognition for their work.”

The Linn County Historic Preservation Commission presented awards to:

The Alburnett Community Historical Society – Heritage Conservation Award
Preserving the Rockwood Store building, symbolizing the very heart of the community, is a testament to the Society’s dedication to saving the Alburnett community’s history and being an active part of its future stories.

Central City Historical Society – Community Stewardship Award
The hard work and sustained dedication in preserving three historic buildings and the Brown Farm has spread the heritage movement throughout Central City and has built a strong base for community-wide preservation efforts.

Coggon Community Historical Society – Preservation Inspiration Award
The preservation and restoration of the Clemons House and the Opera House provide the community with a sense of pride and identity and inspire future preservation efforts.

This is the first year the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission has made these awards.