Seeking Everett Dodds Designed Homes

Everett Dodds Plan Booklet CoverOur neighbors to the west are looking for some help in identifying houses designed by an Omaha architect Everett Dodds and they need your help!  Dodds published house plans in the Omaha Bee and the Omaha World Herald.  Around 1914 he had the Murphy Calendar Company in Red Oak, Iowa publish a catalogue of his house plans available for purchase via mail order.

Here is a link to the write-up for the project and you can see a copy of Dodds’ house catalogue at :

If you think you have an example of a Dodds house in your town, please send a thumbnail photo of the home, its model name from Dodds’ book, and its full address to Jennifer Honebrink at

Already, a house has been identified in Woodbine, Iowa….appropriately called the “Woodbine”model!

Jennifer  will collect the findings and results will be posted in early June on the Preservation Association of Lincoln, Restoration Exchange Omaha, and Nebraska State Historical Society web sites.