Save the Maplenol Barn at Valley High School

Social Media Brings Preservationists Together for an Important Cause

Posted by CC on January 8th, 2011 10:42 am

It’s always good to see the power for good the Internet can have. Within the last week, preservationists in the Des Moines metro and beyond have been gathering online to save the Maplenol Barn at Valley High School. A demolition permit has already been issued, but that hasn’t stopped 1500 people from joining the cause on facebook, others from commenting on newspaper articles, or the creation of an online petition to save the barn.

According to an online WordPress blog, the Maplenol Dairy Barn was built in the 1930s and was once a part of Good Farm, established in the late 1880s. Located on the campus of Valley High School in West Des Moines, the barn is to be demolished to make way for green space.

As of this morning, 1519 people “liked” the “Save the Maplenol Dairy Barn at Valley High School” page on facebook. Information about the property is being shared among local preservationists and photos have been uploaded. Everyone is being encouraged to attend a school board meeting on Monday evening, January 10 to express their concern directly to the school board (see our Event Calendar).

The Des Moines Register and various metro news stations have reported on the planned demolition over the last few days, always mentioning the influence of social media on the preservation effort.

An online petition was started in recent days in order to ask the school district to delay demolishing the barn until further preservation alternatives can be explored. If you want to help save the barn and are so inclined, please stop by and sign it online. Also, don’t forget the Monday night school board meeting in West Des Moines.