RFP for Redevelopment of Burlington Elks Building

Excellent historic rehabilitation opportunity for an experienced developer!

The Elks Building was constructed in 1883 as a 3-story building to house the post office and office space. It was expanded with a 4th story in 1907 along with renovations to the 3rd story to house the Elks Lodge. The building was bought by the Burlington Labor Associates in 1941 and remained in their possession through 1975 before selling the building to Mundt Piano. They operated in the facility until 1979 when the building was sold and operated as the Typewriter Shop, which closed in 2002. The building has been essentially vacant since, until taken on by Downtown Partners, Inc as a project to redevelop the building in 2017.

RFP AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT THIS LINK: RFP Elks Building (300 Washington Street) Burlington, IA 12-28-2020