Preservation Iowa Seeks Volunteers

Get Involved by Becoming a Committee or Board Member

Posted by CC on February 27th, 2011 10:02 am

Preservation Iowa, Iowa’s statewide nonprofit dedicated to historic preservation, is actively recruiting committee and board members.

Preservation Iowa was organized in 1991 as the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance for the following purposes:
– To support, broaden, and strengthen the statewide constituency for preservation in Iowa;
– To educate public and private policymakers who affect historic preservation issues at the national, state, and local levels;
– To develop and implement strategies for insuring the preservation of individual and collective sites and structures of cultural significance to Iowa; and
– To work in partnership with national, state, and local agencies and organizations whose activities impact historic resources.

Beginning in January 2010, the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance officially began doing business as Preservation Iowa. Reflecting its evolution throughout its history, the new name and logo is intended to propel Preservation Iowa, as an organization, into the next generation of historic preservation in Iowa.

Preservation Iowa continues to sponsor our two highest profile programs: Iowa’s Most Endangered Properties and Preservation at its Best Awards. Each has continued to expand and mature over the years. The organization also continues to promote several important preservation initiatives: barns, country schools, movie theaters and Main Street Development.

In 2011, Preservation Iowa celebrates 20 years of working to protect Iowa’s historic resources. While the name and look of the organization has changed over the years, the mission remains the same: to build partnerships that enhance our economic and cultural future through the preservation of Iowa’s historic resources.

Committee and board member skill sets could include but would not be limited to:
– Advocacy committee
– Local historic preservation
– Finance/accounting
– Preservation architect
– Southwest Iowa representative
– Barns/farmsteads

Contact if interested in getting involved with historic preservation at the state level through Preservation Iowa.