Mixed Use Preservation Effots in Cedar Rapids

Posted by mw on May 24th, 2010 2:12 pm

In a recent article in the Corridor Business Journal, historic rehabilitation and mixed-use development takes center stage as a viable strategy for ongoing flood recovery efforts in Cedar Rapids.

Projects in the downtown, Czech Village and New Bohemia areas could net nearly $40 million in tax credit expeditures. Some of these projects include: the Guaranty Bank (the bank building and the next-door World Building), Armstrong Development; Acme Graphics at 201 Third Ave. SW; the former Village Bank and Trust, 860 Second Ave. SE; and the Red Baron Bar and Dance Club, 62 16th Ave. SW.

In order to better sell this strategy, Cedar Rapids leadership has recruited historic preservation oriented developers from other Iowa communities including John Gronen of Gronen Restoration in Dubuque. Mr. Gronen explained his experiences, successes and lessons learned to local development groups.

While the education process is never over, it is wonderful to see a concerted effort by the community of Cedar Rapids to embrace historic preservation and their cultural assets.

Read this entire article in the Corridor Business Journal at the link below.
To find out more, go to: www.corridorbiznews.com