Ladora Savings Bank Becomes Bank Bistro

Historic Bank on US 6 Reopens

Posted by CC on September 1st, 2008 5:13 pm

It’s time to take a road trip to visit a historic bank with an unlikely new business. The Ladora Savings Bank, which served as a bank for only its first 11 years, is now home to the Ladora Bank Bistro. Owned and operated by Brad Erickson and his fiancee Colleen Klainert, the bistro is introducing local patrons and travelers alike to the historic building and fine dining. The original marble tellers’ counter, wood floors, and vault doors all remain. Rehabbing the building over the last four years, Erickson even restored the original wall paintings: Frugality – the parent of fortune, Integrity – companion of success, Wealth – achievement of thrift, and Diligence – mother of virtue. Be sure to visit their website for hours and menu:

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