IDED to Host Regional Public Participation Training Workshops

Input Plan It

Posted on March 15th, 2011 9:05 am

The Iowa Department of Economic Development is sponsoring a series of regional public participation training workshops throughout the state. These workshops are intended to provide training to both professionals and community stakeholders in an interactive session to demonstrated and introduce a variety of public participation strategies to enhance local planning sessions. The trainings will be held in ten communities between April 5 and May 3. Each regional training will be broken down into specific sessions to be aimed at planning professionals and community stakeholders.
Planning Professionals Workshops
Pro level sessions are tailored for planning professionals. These quick-hitting sessions will demonstrate and introduce a variety of public participation examples, tools and resources that can be readily accessed, adapted and applied in local planning processes. Topics include:
– The importance and benefits of public participation in the planning process.
– Public participation methods, tools and resources.
– Design and execution of effective public participation plans.
– Case studies and models from various size communities.

Stakeholder Sessions
These one-hour sessions are especially geared to city officials and community stakeholders and include:
– An interactive discussion on the important role that community leaders and stakeholders can play in supporting, promoting and enhancing the public participation process.
– Examples and case studies illustrating active community engagement and partnerships at work in efforts to create plans and projects that get implemented.

Jay Schlinsog from Downtown Professionals Network and Dave Ciaccio and Nick Bowden from Community ReDesigned have teamed up to present input plan•it. Together, the team’s members bring more than fifty years of hands-on experience in planning, research and public participation. They’ll share hints, tips, tools and resources to more fully engage the community in local planning processes.

These trainings will be held at no cost to the participant. If you are interested in learning more or to RSVP please contact Jean Johnson at the Iowa Department of Economic Development (515.725.3070 or You can also find specific workshop locations on the attached flyer or in Preservation Iowa’s calendar of events.
To find out more, go to:

Public Participation Workshop Flyer