Archaeological Dig Unearths Flynn Farm Building

Living History Farms conducting survey prior to sale of unused parcel

Posted by CC on April 13th, 2008 7:01 pm

Archaeologists digging on a 39-acre parcel near Living History Farms are learning about the livelihoods of the farmhands who worked for Martin Flynn, a 19th-century railroad man and farmer. The dig will be completed before Living History Farms transfers the property to developer Robin Seiser. The parcel of land has not been used by the museum, but is providing insight into the life and times of Martin Flynn. The firm Tallgrass Historians is leading the investigation, with a bit of help from several volunteers. So far, one of the most interesting finds was a shower head, which would have been very unusual for the time. Other artifacts collected include ceramics and broken tools. View a slideshow online at the Des Moines Register website.