National Register Activity in Iowa was High in 2016

2016 was an active year for Iowa’s National Register of Historic Places program.  As of December, six new districts have been listed and 23 individual properties.  Highlights include a water tower in Manning designed by Iowa State College engineering professor Anson Marston in 1903.  The New Providence Building Association Stores in New Providence, home of what is believed to be Iowa’s oldest hardware store, was listed in March as were two farmsteads in Jones County.  The oldest property listed this year is the pre-statehood Beers and St. John Company Coach Inn, dating from 1842.

Listing on the National Register is often an important step in preserving and finding new uses for old buildings.  The Campbell Baking Company in Waterloo, listed in May, is currently undergoing rehabilitation and the building will reopen as brewery.  Across the river, the Cedar Falls Post Office, an intact Classical Revival building, has been rehabilitated and now is retail and workspace for a bicycle shop.

Do you know that most of Iowa’s National Register nominations are available electronically?  Go to the National Register of Historic Places website and download the spreadsheet which has links to PDFs of the documents and photographs.  More recent nominations can be obtained by contacting the State Historic Preservation Office at

The properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016 are:

  • BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Campbell Baking Company, 325 Commercial St., Waterloo 16000213, LISTED, 5/02/16
  • BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Cedar Falls Post Office, 217 Washington St., Cedar Falls, 16000057, LISTED, 3/08/16
  • BREMER COUNTY, Sturdevant Southwest Historic District, Roughly bounded by 1st & 8th Sts., SW., 1st & 5t Aves., SW., W. Bremer Ave. & Cedar R., Waverly,  16000248, LISTED, 5/16/16
  • CARROLL COUNTY, Manning Water Tower, 620 3rd St., Manning,  16000296, LISTED, 5/31/16
  • CASS COUNTY, Hotel Whitney, 222 Chestnut St., Atlantic,  16000640, LISTED, 9/19/16
  • CEDAR COUNTY, Hardacre Theater, 112 E. 5th St., Tipton,  15000951, LISTED, 1/05/16 (Movie Theaters of Iowa MPS)
  • CERRO GORDO COUNTY, Rock Crest–Rock Glen Historic District (Boundary Decrease), 431 First St., SE, 11, 15, 21 Rock Glen, 507, 511, 525, 541 E. State St., 22, 28, 110, 120, 204, South Carolina Ave. 56, Mason City,  16000196, BOUNDARY DECREASE APPROVED, 4/26/16
  • HARDIN COUNTY, New Providence Building Association Stores, 401-405 W. Main Street Dr., New Providence,  16000081, LISTED, 3/15/16
  • JONES COUNTY, Farm Creek Historic District, Address Restricted, Cascade vicinity, 16000083, LISTED, 3/15/16
  • JONES COUNTY, Kenny Farmstead Archeological District, Address Restricted, Cascade vicinity, 16000082, LISTED, 3/15/16
  • LINN COUNTY, Lisbon Methodist Church, 200 E. Market St., Lisbon,  15000952, LISTED, 1/05/16
  • LINN COUNTY, Sinclair Building–Smulekoffs Furniture Store, 97 3rd Ave., SE, Cedar Rapids,  16000214, LISTED, 5/03/16
  • LINN COUNTY, Coggon Public School, 408 E. Linn St., Coggon,  16000605, LISTED, 9/12/16
  • MUSCATINE COUNTY, Beers and St. John Company Coach Inn, 1193 Highway 6, West Liberty vicinity, 16000130, LISTED, 4/05/16
  • MUSCATINE COUNTY, Wilton Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by 4th, E. & W. Cedar, Railroad E. & W. & Chestnut Sts., Wilton,  16000606, LISTED, 9/12/16 (Iowa’s Main Street Commercial Architecture MPS)
  • POLK COUNTY, Cottage Grove Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1050 24th St., Des Moines,  16000607, LISTED, 9/12/16 (The City Beautiful Movement and City Planning in Des Moines, Iowa 1892–1938 MPS)
  • POLK COUNTY, Flynn Building, 319 7th St., Des Moines,  16000215, LISTED, 5/03/16
  • POLK COUNTY, Apperson–Iowa Motor Car Company Building, 1420 Locust St., Des Moines,  16000363, LISTED, 6/14/16
  • POLK COUNTY, Jones, G.W., Building, 1430 Locust St., Des Moines,  16000364, LISTED, 6/14/16
  • POLK COUNTY, Register and Tribune Building, 715 Locust St., Des Moines,  16000385, LISTED, 6/21/16
  • POLK COUNTY, Polk County Homestead and Trust Company Addition Historic District, Both sides of 7th & 8th Sts., S. of Franklin & N. of College Aves., Des Moines,  16000687, (Towards a Greater Des Moines MPS)
  • SAC COUNTY, Perkins, George and Lola, House, 803 W. Main St., Sac City,  15000997, LISTED, 1/26/16
  • SAC COUNTY, Sac City Chicago and North Western Depot, 103 N. 13th St., Sac City,  15000998, LISTED, 1/26/16 (Advent & Development of Railroads in Iowa MPS)
  • SCOTT COUNTY, First Federal Savings and Loan Association Building, 131 W. Third Street, Davenport,  16000577, LISTED, 10/25/16
  • STORY COUNTY, Masonic Temple, 413, 417, 427, 429 Douglas Ave., Ames,  16000608, LISTED, 9/12/16 (Home for Science and Technology: Ames, IA MPS)
  • WAPELLO COUNTY, Greater Second Street Historic District, 201-315 E. 2nd, 116 N. Green, 109 S. Green & 106-112 N. Market, Ottumwa,  16000365, LISTED, 6/14/16
  • WASHINGTON COUNTY, Woodlawn Cemetery Gates and Shelter, 501 W. Adams, Washington,  16000688, LISTED, 10/04/16
  • WINNESHIEK COUNTY, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Combination Depot, 203 W. Pearl St., Decorah,  16000609, LISTED, 9/12/16
  • WOODBURY COUNTY, Lewis System Armored Car and Detective Service Building, 700 Nebraska St., Sioux City,  16000689, LISTED, 10/04/16
  • WOODBURY COUNTY, Sioux City Central High School and Central Annex (Boundary Increase), 1212 Nebraska & 1121 Jackson Sts., Sioux City,  16000641, LISTED, 9/19/16