Hope Still Left for East Village Gas Station

Don’s East Grand Service Station in Des Moines May be Moved

Posted by CC on February 15th, 2009 10:26 am

The 78-year-old building that most recently housed Don’s East Grand Service Station may be given another chance at life. Current plans for demolishing the structure for a parking lot and future development have been delayed to allow preservationists time to find a new home for the building. A temporary move may be needed until a permanent space is found. The building is a rare, surviving full service station from the 1930s. Its design fit in with the Beaux Arts governmental buildings nearby and its size allowed it to serve the needs of downtown Des Moines. Current discussions for preserving the building include moving it to Sherman Hill or Valley Junction for residential uses, or converting it into a trailhead with parking and showers for commuters biking to work.

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