DCA awards nearly $490,000 in REAP/HRDP grants

Historic preservation, museum, documentary collections and country school projects

Posted on August 16th, 2012 3:14 pm

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DCA awards nearly $490,000 in REAP/HRDP grants

Historic preservation, museum, documentary collections and country school projects

DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs has awarded 33 REAP/HRDP grants totaling $489,001 to organizations and individuals across the state for historic preservation, museum and documentary collections projects, and for country school projects.

DCA’s State Historical Society of Iowa division administers the Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP), which is funded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Act (REAP) passed by the Iowa General Assembly in 1989.

Through REAP, local government units, various organizations and private individuals can receive funding for eligible projects. REAP/HRDP provides grants to preserve, conserve, interpret and educate the public about historical resources.

The grants announced today include 26 totaling $470,750 for historic preservation, museum and documentary collections projects, and seven grants totaling $18,251 for the preservation of one-room or two-room buildings once used as country schools in Iowa. The grant awards require matching funds.

The list of 2013 REAP/HRDP grant awards follows:

(Organization or Individual)
(Project Description)
(Grant Amount)

Category: Documentary Collections

Dubuque County Historical Society

Preserving and Increasing Access to the Collections of the Dubuque County Historical Society

Through this project the Dubuque County Historical Society will preserve and increase access to its large collection of documents through inventory, cataloging, digitizing and identify candidates for conservation. A project Collections Assistant will be hired for one year.

Office of the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa
Iowa City

Preservation of Iowa’s Archaeological Photographs: Phase II

This project supports the digital preservation of 29,606 original photographs on Iowa archaeology curated in the official State Archaeological Repository at the Office of the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa.

Kossuth County Historical Society

Organizing and preserving historical documentation of Kossuth County

The KCHS will conduct an inventory of its documentary collection. It will be sorted, numbered and logged into Excel. That data will later be converted into museum software where detailed information will be added. Appropriate preservation methods will be carried out thereafter.

African American Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Cedar Rapids

Accessing Iowa’s African American Legacy

This project aims to improve accessibility of the African American Museum of Iowa’s (AAMI) collection of historical materials. Consisting of three phases, the project includes an inventory, reorganization of collections and creating and/or updating finding-aids for the AAMI collection.

Linn County Historical Society
Cedar Rapids

Storage Upgrade of Architectural Drawings and Blueprints

The Linn County Historical Society/Carl & Mary Koehler History Center cares for approximately 800 sets of architectural drawings and blueprints. This project is the first phase of a storage upgrade and involves approximately half of the collection.

Mellinger Memorial Library
Morning Sun

Digitalization of Yearbooks

We now have our local newspaper available and searchable to the public on our website. Mellinger Memorial Library plans to use the money from this grant to make the community yearbooks available to the public via the internet.

Polk County Recorder’s Office
Des Moines

Polk County Recorder’s Office Vital Records Project

Replace deteriorated and illegible microfilm of vital records and index books for the years 1847-1953. Retrieve original records stored at Clerk of Court’s Office and create new film and a digitized version so images can be downloaded to Polk County’s COTT Resolution III system.

Belmond Chapter/Wright County Historical Society

Digitize 82 years of Belmond’s local newspaper

The paper copies of Belmond newspapers from years 1928 through 2010 will be sent to an Iowa company to scan and digitize. The data base will be searchable by word. It will be on a CD and downloaded on a public computer in our museum.

Category: Historic Preservation

Joseph M. Schott
Central City
Iowa Canning Company Stabilization and Roof Repair

The Iowa Canning Company building sustained major roof damage and a collapsed gable end during a major storm event in 2011. The HRDP grant will support rebuilding of the gable end and roof structure to weatherize, stabilize, and secure the building as final rehabilitation plans are prepared.

Buchanan Co. Historical Society

Tuck-pointing and windows & sill restoration of Wapsipinicon Mill

Six-story brick mill museum with 101 windows. Tuck-pointing under each window sill will be completed as needed. Replace or restore window sashes and sills as needed (where windows meet roof).

Cerro Gordo
North Iowa Cultural Center & Museum (dba Surf Ballroom & Museum)
Clear Lake

Preparation of National Historic Landmark nomination of the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa

A National Historic Landmark nomination will be prepared for the Surf Ballroom. Such a designation would further validate the Surf Ballroom’s national role in the history of Rock and Roll.

AI Properties LLC
Des Moines
Hotel Stuart National Register of Historic Places Nomination

The project is to hire a professional historian to research and write the application for placing the Hotel Stuart on the National Register of Historic Places.

City of Newton Historic Preservation Commission
Fred Maytag Bowl: Band Shell Repair and Renovation Project

Built in 1936, the Maytag Bowl – consisting of a band shell, stage and bench seating – is a cultural center for Newton. The project will address deterioration issues by repairing the roof and addressing a lower-level moisture problem. In addition, electrical and lighting will be upgraded.

Sullivan Building Foundation, Inc.

Retrieve nine art glass windows removed from the Algona Land & Loan Office in 1985

Purchase the nine art glass windows from JP Morgan/Chase Bank and re-install them in their original locations.

Marshalltown Central Business District – Main Street Iowa
Kibbe Building Restoration

To restore the Kibbe building that was damaged by fire and subsequent demo of adjacent building.

Council Bluffs Historic Preservation Alliance
Council Bluffs

Nomination of the Bregant House to the National Register of Historic Places

The project would hire a consultant to prepare the National Register of Historic Places nomination for the tiny house built in 1912 for the diminutive couple who were spokespersons for the Woodward Candy Co. in the early part of the 20th century.

Rich-Woods, Inc.
Fort Dodge
The A.D. McQuilkin Building Restoration

Proposed is the rehabilitation of a vacant six-story building in a core block of Fort Dodge’s Historic Downtown District. Ideally housing a mix of public and private uses, the restored building will be leased to local business and serve as a model for future improvements in the downtown area.

Worth County Historical Society
Stromstein Building Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the Stromstein Building deemed the most endangered historic structure in Iowa (2012) by Preservation Iowa.

Category: Museums

Cerro Gordo
Charles H. MacNider Museum
Mason City

Bil Baird Conservation Project Phase 2

The Museum will remove the Baird puppets from non-archival packaging and photo document, update their collection record, and place them in proper archival safe packaging with adequate supports. The new data will then be entered in the Museum’s collection database.

City of Clermont

Burkhard Riegel Blacksmith Shop Museum Collection

This project will identify, catalog, record, sort and place the museum artifacts from the Burkhard Reigel Blacksmith Shop that were removed during restoration.

Colfax Historical Society, Inc.

Colfax Historical Society, Inc – Phase 1 – Museum Interpretive Area – Coal Mining

The Colfax Historical Society recently opened a new building and is ready to develop its 3,600-square-foot exhibit space, including Phase 1 construction of the Colfax Historical Society Interpretive Exhibit Plan, which is Coal Mining with artifact storage space and the renovation of display cases.

Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, Inc.

Restoration of Barhydt Chapel Stained Glass Window

Preserve a salvaged 100-year-old Barhydt Chapel stained glass window containing Tiffany and multiple layers of glass. A 168” by 150” portion of the original window will be restored, placed in a new fabricated frame and installed inside Parsons Hall at the FA&CC.

The University of Iowa
Iowa City

Critical storage upgrade for the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History insect collection

This project will upgrade cabinets, drawers, and specimen boxes housing the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History insect collection. Upgrading to current museum collection care standards will stabilize and preserve the collection for ongoing research, education, outreach and exhibit uses.

Salisbury House Foundation
Des Moines

Rediscovering the Weeks Legacy

To develop an exhibit that tells the story of Carl and Edith Weeks from 1926-1954 and the legacy of the entrepreneurship, innovation and influence they had in the state and nation.

Oakland Historical Society

Rehabilitation of the Nishna Heritage Museum

This project is the rehabilitation of the Nishna Heritage Museum located in downtown Oakland, Iowa. In June 2011, the northern section of the Museum suffered significant damage when an adjacent building collapsed.

Luther College Anthropology Lab

Optimizing Collections Data Accessibility Through the Implementation of Collective Access Software

The Luther College Anthropology Lab is seeking funds to develop and implement an online, searchable database for its archaeological collections.

Category: Country School

Cedar County Historical Society

Bed Bug School Restoration

Restore wooden floor, add electricity, purchase dehumidifier, install screen door.

Eagle Point Nature Society

Restoring Clinton County’s only known remaining One Room Schoolhouse, the Flannery School

Damaged exterior cedar lap panels on exterior walls will be replaced and painted. Damaged windows and window frames will be restored, retaining original sashes. Damaged interior tin ceiling paneling will be replaced and painted. Bell tower, taken from another demolished school, will be relocated

Lucas County Historical Society

Puckerbrush School Roof

Re-roofing of the Puckerbrush Country School House, installing new cedar shingles.

Stanton Historical Society

Re-roof our one room school house

Several recent storms have damaged an old cedar shingle roof and must be replaced to prevent interior damage

Rolfe Enrichment

Roosevelt School #7

This project will be a restoration of the Country School House Roosevelt #7 that was relocated into the City of Rolfe.

Ames Historical Society

Repairs for Hoggatt School

Included are structural repairs to the ceiling and roof of the 1860’s Hoggatt School. The current roofline sags, rafters are bent and cracked, and shingles are curling. The project would add adequate roof and ceiling support, re-roof the structure, re-tuck point the chimney and repair chimney flashing.

Van Buren
East Union School, Van Buren County

East Union School-Morris Park Project

Restoration of this 1860 one-room school started in 2011 with a REAP grant and assistance from local foundations now comes to completion with repair of windows.


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