Douglas Center #5

210 Main Street, Sioux Rapids
Buena Vista County
Western Touring Area

Hours: By appointment only

Sioux Rapids Area Historical Association
Phone: 712-283-2344

    School classification(s)

  • Some work has been done to preserve the school.
  • The school is maintained as a museum.

The school was moved from Douglas township in Clay County to downtown Sioux Rapids (Buena Vista County) in 2001 and place in a historical complex operated by the Sioux Rapids Area Historical Association. Other buildings in the complex include a cabin built by the first resident of Sioux Rapids (Abner Bell) and the Sioux theatre built in the 1940’s. Douglas Center operated as a school from 1879 to early 1940s. It was then used as a polling place for several years. The school has many original furnishings including several books, four maps, some original desks and the original slate boards. The contact person to see the school is Allen Miller.