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Collins Theater (85-04389)

Also known as: POA

203 Main St
Collins IA 50055

History and Architecture

Construction date


Historic function(s)

Recreation and culture/theater/movie theater

Current function(s)

Commerce/trade/specialty store

Evaluation Under National Register Criteria

National Register status

Not listed


This building does not retain sufficient integrity to convey its historic entertainment or commercial associations. If the two façade openings were restored, the building could be reevaluated for potential eligibility.

This one-story building has one façade bay, defined by the center-bay entrance that features projecting end piers. A simple projecting brick cornice topped by a concrete parapet cap defines the roofline. Vertical wood siding fills the center square opening at the second floor (likely the window/ventilation opening for the projection booth). The building entrance is centered at the first floor and features a concrete lintel and projecting brick jambs. The interior was inaccessible.

The City of Collins constructed the theater c1945. Paul Swanson (manager of the State Theater in Maxwell) managed the Collins Theater. The theater operated for approximately ten years. The Kennedy's currently own the building, which contains retail space and a dwelling.