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Collegian Theatre (85-01049)

Also known as: 043, 85-002-500, US Bank

411 Main St
Ames IA 50010

History and Architecture

Construction date


Historic function(s)

Recreation and culture/theater/movie theater
Recreation and culture/theater/playhouse

Current function(s)

Commerce/trade/financial institution

Architectural classification(s)

Modern movement: art deco
Roof form: flat


Wetherell and Harrison, Des Moines, IA

Evaluation Under National Register Criteria

National Register status

Not listed


This building does not retain any historic integrity and no longer communicates its historic entertainment associations.

This two-story building has three fa├žade bays, defined by the projecting wall face in the outer bays and a recessed, taller center bay. The second-story features six window openings containing non-historic one-over-one aluminum units. The building entrances are located in the center of the outer bays. Three large storefront windows are in the center bay of the first story. In the 1980s, the bank introduced into the interior spaces with non-historic drywall partitions and finishes. Remaining features of the movie theater include the curved staircase on the first floor, and the theatrical detailing of the historic auditorium ceiling located in a storage space above the second floor.

Gerbrach built the 900-seat Art Deco Collegian Theater in 1937. The theater showed moving pictures as well as accommodated stage plays. The theater closed in 1974, and was sold to the bank in 1982. The Ames Historical Society has an extensive collection on the Collegian Theatre, including many historical photographs.